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Relationships and Social Media

I can’t help but feel that social networking sites/apps, e.g Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, are becoming more and more harmful in many ways, one of these ways being the effect it has on relationships.

If a couple have these social networking apps – which a majority do – I believe they can cause more problems and stresses to a relationship. I have multiple times heard girls say such things as “he liked another girls photo [on Facebook]” referring to their boyfriends or male interests and sentences like these sound so trivial, and maybe they are, however I’m sure such things can spark all sorts of paranoia for those in a relationship.

It’s a well known fact that social media users ‘stalk’ others on the sites (if you deny this, there’s a 98% chance you’re lying) and I’m pretty sure the majority do this to their other half. We concern ourselves with who’s photos they’ve ‘liked’, which tweets they’ve favourited, who they now follow on Instagram, why they’re on Facebook but haven’t answered your text etc. I even know of people who have mentioned twitter in arguments!

There’s a chance that what I have discussed above is majorly down to a persons paranoia or insecurities, or if a person feels this way about social media and their partner then maybe the relationship is not a healthy one. However, I┬ádo think that our ever increasing obsession with social networking is becoming too intrusive in some relationships, even if that just includes a persons fixation with their phone and being generally unsociable, and I do fear for the future of relationships and can’t help but feel this is only the beginning for relationships tiffs caused by social media.