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New feminist film in cinemas: Suffragette is an eye opening, thought provoking and refreshingly topical film for an audience of the twenty first century. Whether your a woman, a feminist, a man or even slightly unaware to such political issues, this film is definitely one you should watch!

Maud (Carrey Mulligan) is a woman, like many others of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, was a working woman in an underpaid job at a factory doing laundry. She had been working there the majority of her life and as she slowly started to see the rising of the suffragette movement, she began to question her own morals and life. Without really knowing it at first, Maud becomes a part of her local group of fighting suffragettes. Carey Mulligan is also astonishing in this role, her part really bringing her acting skills to the spot light. Not forgetting the other powerful woman figures who are in the film such as Helena Bonham Carter and Meryl Streep.

The women in the film fight a fight that many of us as a society in this day an age forget was such an issue a century ago, and even still so in many countries now. We observe the true struggle of being a woman back then, how women are objectified and disrespected, by not only by the men of that time but by some women too who believed what the suffragettes were doing was ridiculous. The film is very moving and we observe so many battles that the women have to fight, and this does not include just casual sexism and sexual harassment, but also how isolating being a suffragette sometimes was. Also, we see the humiliating penalties and abuse women would get even for just trying to get their voice heard.

I personally found that although the film was a tear jerker it was also very empowering and brought a sense of pride towards the courageous women who helped our gender get where we are socially and politically today.

So, if you’re fed up of your usual chick flick or repetitive action movies and fancy a costume drama with a lot of depth and insight go and see suffragette because I can almost guarantee you won’t regret taking a trip to the cinema to see!


Blue is the Warmest Colour

A dull night in scrolling through Netflix I come across Blue is the Warmest Colour. I had heard a lot about this film, always wanted to watch it, but I’m not one that’s good when it comes to long films (2 hours and 59 minutes to be precise!). However, with a lot of time on my hands and feeling open minded I decided to give it a watch.

This film is definitely worth the three hour journey. For those who don’t know about this film it is basically about a lesbian love affair between a girl at high school and an older girl who is studying at university – to begin with anyway as we see their lives through out the years.

I think the film wonderfully portrays what stigma and cruel behavior can be associated with homosexuality, especially with high school pupils. There’s also a sense of empathy I got with the protagonist; Adele. Even if you are not homosexual/bisexual etc. the way that we can see how Adele feels when she’s with her boyfriend makes us almost be able to empathize with her situation. This is in a way that the majority of people, I believe, have been in a situation, whether it be with lovers or something else, where we felt uncomfortable, like something was not right. You tear your hair out because you feel like you should be happy, but you are not.

Another thing I liked about the film is how young Adele is at the beginning and we get a glimpse of young love and how smitten she is with the blue haired girl; Emma. Not only do we see young love, but ‘grown up’ love if you will. The film shows how relationships can be when we are adults, how complicated love can be and the struggles of being in an adult relationship.

It’s a simple but effective film that really leaves you with something, whether that be a deeper insight into homosexuality, love or something more intense; peoples passions and motives in life.

If you are one for French cinema, or if you really are not I recommend you watch it if you feel like a film different to the usual mainstream ones.

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

I’m not a film critic. In fact I’m shit at critiquing anything. So I couldn’t tell you from a film producer/critic/photographer point of view how ‘good or ‘bad’ this film is, BUT what I will say is this film is very thought provoking. I like it.
Two people who live in the same building happen to meet over a random incident yadayada but I’m not interested in the romance bit, the thing that I appreciate about this film that I can guarantee anyone who has ever watched it/will watch it has thought about exactly what the films about; the end of the world. However I’m not on about philosophy or physics, simply what you would do on your last days on Earth.
I think everyone has different thoughts/approaches. Would we tell the ones we love that we do, including that boy we’ve admired since we learnt how to admire anybody, get drunk, do our favourite things one last time or just go insane.
Who knows but I just think it really touches something deep down, makes me feel…pensive.
It’s interesting to know how people would react, to imagine what it would really be like and how much it would change every person we know….