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The Sea

The sea is such a gentle reminder of life and all living things. 

You build a sand castle on the beach and by the next day, the tide has washed it away. Nothing is permanent, but maybe that’s not always a bad thing. The next day is a new day; a day where your canvas is cleaned and you are free to create something new, maybe something better.

The tide can be soft, therapeutic to watch, yet further out where we daren’t go, it is rapid and strong. It has the power to devour you whole. 

There is something about the way the sea is so vast and open that makes me feel afraid. I feel as though I am confronted with the world and what is out there; what is on the other side.

Day or night, brown or blue, the ocean is beautiful and it is the only barrier between us. 



Sometimes all you need is to reconnect with nature; walk on the grass with your bare feet, smell some beautiful flowers that are growing from the ground, sit under a blossom tree and breathe some fresh air.

That is all.

Get out!

This evening I decided to go for a little bike ride to a park not too far from me. It was quite a random idea as I haven’t been on my bike in months, but have been wanting to ride it for a few weeks now, so I thought why not? What else am I going to do, wallow in self pity? So I did and it was rather lovely!

A few pictures from my evening cycle ride.

A few pictures from my evening cycle ride.

Honestly, if you are feeling a bit trapped in your own head, down or depressed I’d really recommend going out on your bike, a walk or even a drive to somewhere you like or your ‘happy place’. I don’t have a happy place, it’s kind of a load of bollox, but the park I went to is one I went to a couple of times with my ex boyfriend. We sat in a tree there and talked for hours and I wanted to go there on my own, because I missed him and also I felt like one of the times we went there and memories of us hold a lot of happy feelings (but also sad in contrasting kind of way, but hey I had nothing to lose).

I feel so disconnected from everything lately, I wanted to feel connected to something, so I guess this was my way of doing it. Anyhow, the cycle there was beautiful, it was around half 7/8 and that’s when the sky starts to turn all the colours of the rainbow; red, orange, purple, blue and nature smells so alive around that time. The route I went was quite scenic (for the city anyway!) and I was gliding along on my bike and I tell you what; I haven’t felt so serene and at peace for a long time. At this time it was like I could genuinely appreciate nature and time with myself; away from phones, laptops, televisions etc. and out of my room. Sitting in the big climbing tree I spoke of earlier was relaxing too and I did a minute or so of mindfulness meditation.

Whilst cycling back I got such a warm sense of comfort, like deep down I knew things were going to be okay, maybe I was high off fresh air, who knows?

Anyway, I thought I’d share my lovely experience maybe not only because it bought me joy, but because I hope to inspire you to go outside, get in the fresh air and beautiful landscape. Push away your anxieties and realise that even a small change such as this in your evening routine can make such a drastic difference to your mood and quite possibly your whole mind set. Even if it is just for one evening, but  maybe one evening is all you need, just for that peace of mind you’ve been waiting so long for.