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New feminist film in cinemas: Suffragette is an eye opening, thought provoking and refreshingly topical film for an audience of the twenty first century. Whether your a woman, a feminist, a man or even slightly unaware to such political issues, this film is definitely one you should watch!

Maud (Carrey Mulligan) is a woman, like many others of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, was a working woman in an underpaid job at a factory doing laundry. She had been working there the majority of her life and as she slowly started to see the rising of the suffragette movement, she began to question her own morals and life. Without really knowing it at first, Maud becomes a part of her local group of fighting suffragettes. Carey Mulligan is also astonishing in this role, her part really bringing her acting skills to the spot light. Not forgetting the other powerful woman figures who are in the film such as Helena Bonham Carter and Meryl Streep.

The women in the film fight a fight that many of us as a society in this day an age forget was such an issue a century ago, and even still so in many countries now. We observe the true struggle of being a woman back then, how women are objectified and disrespected, by not only by the men of that time but by some women too who believed what the suffragettes were doing was ridiculous. The film is very moving and we observe so many battles that the women have to fight, and this does not include just casual sexism and sexual harassment, but also how isolating being a suffragette sometimes was. Also, we see the humiliating penalties and abuse women would get even for just trying to get their voice heard.

I personally found that although the film was a tear jerker it was also very empowering and brought a sense of pride towards the courageous women who helped our gender get where we are socially and politically today.

So, if you’re fed up of your usual chick flick or repetitive action movies and fancy a costume drama with a lot of depth and insight go and see suffragette because I can almost guarantee you won’t regret taking a trip to the cinema to see!


2015 and a feminist rant

I am not one for raving on about a new year, to me it is simply a change on the calendar, a measure of time if you will, but I do hope for the rise of feminism and awareness of women’s rights to keep progressing.

Me and a girl friend – like many I would imagine – went out last night and the amount of men that cat called us, slurred vile words to us, looked us up and down like we were a Sunday fucking dinner and were that tad bit forceful and wouldn’t get the hint that we didn’t want to kiss them made me rather infuriated.

I am sick to death of not feeling comfortable or feeling exposed (even if completely covered with clothes, which is irrelevant anyway) in the streets. I’m fed up of disgusting men thinking they can say the kind of things they do to us. Maybe what they say isn’t even disgusting in its content, but something along the lines of their intention, or that they’re 20 years older than you or that you clearly are uncomfortable and do not want to be approached.

I am also a girl who, just by nature, has a hard time being assertive, I’m a guilty member of the ‘I just want to be liked by everyone’ group. Also, having low self esteem means I feel half the time I don’t really deserve an opinion or a say and that’s why it gets me so angry when people say ‘you can say no’ or ‘you could’ve just told them to fuck off or go away’. Many – not all – girls aren’t fantastic at that, we have a polite and caring nature that stops that being an automatic response!
Anyhow, my point is, the fact that men really got on my nerves last night due to issues above. And the fact it was new year too meant I figured that they were both relevant to each other and I do hope feminism not only continues to be talked more openly about, but men start to realise they should have some fucking respect for us!