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Blue is the Warmest Colour

A dull night in scrolling through Netflix I come across Blue is the Warmest Colour. I had heard a lot about this film, always wanted to watch it, but I’m not one that’s good when it comes to long films (2 hours and 59 minutes to be precise!). However, with a lot of time on my hands and feeling open minded I decided to give it a watch.

This film is definitely worth the three hour journey. For those who don’t know about this film it is basically about a lesbian love affair between a girl at high school and an older girl who is studying at university – to begin with anyway as we see their lives through out the years.

I think the film wonderfully portrays what stigma and cruel behavior can be associated with homosexuality, especially with high school pupils. There’s also a sense of empathy I got with the protagonist; Adele. Even if you are not homosexual/bisexual etc. the way that we can see how Adele feels when she’s with her boyfriend makes us almost be able to empathize with her situation. This is in a way that the majority of people, I believe, have been in a situation, whether it be with lovers or something else, where we felt uncomfortable, like something was not right. You tear your hair out because you feel like you should be happy, but you are not.

Another thing I liked about the film is how young Adele is at the beginning and we get a glimpse of young love and how smitten she is with the blue haired girl; Emma. Not only do we see young love, but ‘grown up’ love if you will. The film shows how relationships can be when we are adults, how complicated love can be and the struggles of being in an adult relationship.

It’s a simple but effective film that really leaves you with something, whether that be a deeper insight into homosexuality, love or something more intense; peoples passions and motives in life.

If you are one for French cinema, or if you really are not I recommend you watch it if you feel like a film different to the usual mainstream ones.


New Beginnings

Next month I start my 3 year journalism course at university. My life is going to drastically change; I’m going to be away from the city and family I’ve been with my whole life, away from current friends and familiar situations. No doubt it will be overwhelming, but that hasn’t crossed my mind for one second because I am so full of excitement and curiosity.

Maybe I’m being too optimistic? (No such thing!) But I feel my current hometown has nothing but bad memories. I am stuck in a town full of acquaintances, never really finding my place with anything or anyone. I find myself almost trapped in a household where I feel like an outcast; unwanted. This life is too mediocre and I am outgrowing it quickly.

This new beginning only opens up new opportunities for me. I can finally get a chance to be who I feel I really am, because I can’t do that here. I hope to make new friends, real friends who are equally as loyal to me as I am to them. I look forward to stepping on the small , yet significant steps to my career in a profession I am passionate about.

New beginnings are new horizons; they are where the light lies.