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I’ll give you the sun

Finishing the New York Times bestseller by Jandy Nelson with goosebumps on my legs I decided I must share what I have experienced with this book.

When I started the book, I won’t lie, I was not incredibly into it. It wasn’t a chore to read in the slightest, but I suppose it was just different to books I’ve read before. Having a running theme of ghosts to start with may have made me apprehensive, because if you’re like me, you’ll think ghosts are all doo la li! Any how I carried on reading. What originally drew me to the book was the title and the fact it was based on a pair of twins (I myself am I twin and enjoy reading stories about twins too) there are occasional pages with bold quotes too and I liked them.  


I won’t give too much away but the book is so beautifully written; with chapters  skipping between two periods of time in the twins’ life, each chapter pieces together little bits of the story and pieces begin to fit together. 

‘Love is only half the story’ is also written on the cover. I feel as though love is more than half of the story because it is about love in so many shapes and forms. It’s about love for family, romance and love for yourself- who you really are. 

You may ask what is the other half of the story then? I don’t think I could completely answer that, it is too complex! But I will try and say it’s about change, cycles of life, destiny and …mystery? Being at the right place at the right time. Maybe you think that kind of stuff, too, is ‘doo la li’ however the story reels you so much in and opens your mind to all of this because surely we have all had those it-was-the-right-place-right-time moments.

The book brought tears to my eyes at parts. I feel like this novel brings so much emotion and it was almost like a TV show; I just want to shout at the characters to tell them what I know and what they do not!

All in all I would definitely recommend this read especially if authors like John Green appeal to you. For an elegant story about relationships, love and loss, art and passion, this book is one to read. 


A breakfast out in Birmingham

If you’re taking a trip to Birmingham, you may have been told to look at the Bullring shopping center, or the towns most liveliest night time location: Broad Street. Maybe you fancied venturing to the canal side in Brindley place to have a glass of wine as the narrow boats go by. However, one thing that may not have been on top of your agenda would be to take a visit to the little slice of paradise Bournville (I would suggest seeing Bournville if you have more than a day in Birmingham though).

Bournville: the home of the quaker George Cadbury and his chocolate factory – Cadbury’s! Where Bournville School children can smell the chocolate from the playground. If you are a fan of beauty and picturesque places, then Bournville needs to be on your bucket list. If there is a more beautiful place in Birmingham, let me know!

Leverton & Halls is a twee little cafe not far from the centre of Bournville; with a beautiful garden out back to sit in to selling their own, fresh produce; Leverton & Halls is a must for some food out. Their breakfast menu – served all day hurrah!- ranges from thick and sweet pancakes to creamy camebert on toast and their home cooked late afternoon menu is to not go a miss.

My mother and I sat in the garden eating our breakfast and we felt secluded from the world, we were not in Birmingham, we were in Narnia. Sipping cappuccinos and sitting in the sun we felt like life was good.


After our satisfying breakfast, we past the grand houses of Bournville, to the canal home.

If this sounds like the kind of ‘city’ break you’re after then Bournville is the place for you. And don’t forget to stop off for breakfast, after all, an all day breakfast means you can still get a lie in!

Your Body is a Temple

I’m sure we’ve all heard the saying ‘you’re body is a temple’ in some kind of context, implying that this is how we must treat it. I am not sure that this mantra is so closely followed in the UK i.e. the nation of binge drinking and treating your body like a temple is definitely not followed by everyone, British or not.

But, why? Surely this saying is rather factual (not literally as I do not think I’ve met a human who is a 20 foot tall building, but you understand what I mean). This is our body and it carries out more tasks in one second than you can probably fathom. Our bodies are the vessels in which we live in, without a correctly functioning one, a broken one or a damaged one, our lives can be hugely effected.

Obviously, we take our bodies for granted *insert popular t.v. program/movie line: “what this old thing?”*. On a serious level though, I think it is hardest for the self destructive type of person more than any to treat their body like a temple.

Someone with this personality type gets some sort of enjoyment or comfort from destroying themselves, maybe self destruction is even a coping mechanism. From experience, I believe these people have low self esteem; they believe they are not worthy of being treated right so do not care if twenty cigarettes or a few drinks a day may damage their health.

It’s sad when a human being may have lost respect for their own self, body or even life in general, so much so, they could not care if they were slowly bulldozing their ‘temple’ down, every single day.

Stopping unhealthy and self destructive habits is definitely hard, however once we can accept that we are worth a bit (or a lot) of TLC, we can start to realize that treating our body as though it is sacred is important, for how we feel inside, in our bodies and minds.