Monthly Archives: November 2014

A gram of Insta

I felt like having – for lack of a better word – a vent about Instagram, because at two o clock in the morning I am checking my feed and I come across a picture of three girls with absolutely stunning figures; toned tummies, tiny thighs, slender arms and skin that glows like an Angels halo and I can’t help but think when I see it ‘damn I need to start going to the gym and lose some weight’.
I then also thought about how much Instagram is triggering that reaction for other female users of the app. Which made me almost angry. I don’t know who I’m angry at (and as a Brit, we always need to pin the blame on something!) Basically I just think Instagram is slightly poisonous, especially for vulnerable, young girls with low self esteem such as myself.
However, what is the way around it? Is there even a way around it? If I were to say that pictures of girls with unrealistic and practically unachievable bodies should be prevented from being put on Instagram, surely that’s shaming certain girls and the fact they get paid to be beautiful is another factor we must remember. Besides, there’s nothing wrong with having a beautiful body.
I’m seeming to find a lot of posts like these lately and I think the promotion of more healthy and ‘normal’ body shapes needs to be put into action, as, yes some girls are naturally very thin, but I personally know a vast majority of size 8-10’s who think they’re fat! And the worst thing is, this is becoming increasingly common and that’s just a recipe for disaster.
I guess there’s no real conclusion here (terrible, I know) but it does anger/upset me slightly and I’m not happy with the increasing pressure on girls to look ‘perfect’ these days.
Fuck trying to look like Cara Delevingne – who is beautiful- but she’s not you!