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Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

I’m not a film critic. In fact I’m shit at critiquing anything. So I couldn’t tell you from a film producer/critic/photographer point of view how ‘good or ‘bad’ this film is, BUT what I will say is this film is very thought provoking. I like it.
Two people who live in the same building happen to meet over a random incident yadayada but I’m not interested in the romance bit, the thing that I appreciate about this film that I can guarantee anyone who has ever watched it/will watch it has thought about exactly what the films about; the end of the world. However I’m not on about philosophy or physics, simply what you would do on your last days on Earth.
I think everyone has different thoughts/approaches. Would we tell the ones we love that we do, including that boy we’ve admired since we learnt how to admire anybody, get drunk, do our favourite things one last time or just go insane.
Who knows but I just think it really touches something deep down, makes me feel…pensive.
It’s interesting to know how people would react, to imagine what it would really be like and how much it would change every person we know….